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Commissions: Open

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want a small keyboard or a large one, a certain colour way you’re after. A certain sound or feel. Whatever you are looking for we’re here to help you hand pick and create the perfect board for you.

Keyboard Assembly

If you currently have a keyboard kit, want to purchase one from a group buy, in stock, or out source parts. Don’t have the necessary tools to build a board then I can help.

Switch Lubing

Whether you need this as a standalone product as in batches of switches hand lubed, filmed, spring swapped or want a fraken switch The price will vary, the more mods = higher cost.

Quick Turnaround Times

If you need this keyboard built by a certain date, we can talk about it.

Usual turn around time is 2-3 Business days for every 100 Switches; then packaged and shipped.

If Franken-switching, it will take 2-5 Business days.

Keyboard Assembly: 1 week.


$75 USD

40-65% Keyboard

$100 USD

75% OR TKL Keyboard

$125 USD

Tenkeyless +


All keyboard sizes  listed above are Hot-swap or Soldered. Fully assembled. Modding Costs Extra

Switch Modding


  • $0.80 per switch.

  • Switch Films: $0.10 per Switch

  • Choice of Lube: Krytox 205g0/105g0 for linears, Tribosys 3203/3204 for tactiles.

  • Fraken Switches: $0.20 per switch.

  • Stabilizer Service: $1 per stabilizer unit : Lubing and clipping, wire balancing, or any extras mods requested.

Please provide all materials with the keyboard besides lubricant. Remember to include the stabs, films and anything else you'd like included.

Another note: PLEASE AVOID UPS FOR SHIPPING. They have insane duty fees.

Make sure to include 10 extra switches

Key caps can be provided if wanted to be assembled.

A sound test will be sent when build is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns, we can discuss it before the commission begins.

**Prices in USD**

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